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    Do you practice twice a week or more?
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    200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Amy Murphy
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A NEW Series! Yoga for Young Athletes

Mon fils a eu la chance de vivre un camp de hockey incroyable cet été à Edmonton et deviner ce qui était à l'horaire comme partie intégrale du camp? Du yoga. Soudainement il a réalisé qu'en plus de favoriser le mieux-être de sa maman, le yoga avait de grands bénifices pour tout  les athlètes. Les équipes compétitives de la région ouest canadienne intègrent le yoga dans leur entainement à un très bas âge afin d'améliorer l'équilibre, la souplesse, la posture et la flexibiité ainsi que de développer la force et l'endurance musculaire. Le travaille continuel du contrôle et la détente du mentale estt probablement l:élément qui bénéficie le plus les jeunes. C'est pourquoi nous sommes très contents d'offrir une nouvelle série pour tous jeunes athlètes (âgés de 9-14 ans) dès le 9 septembre à 19h00 pour 6 sessions de 45 minutes. Les places sont limités.

My son was given an incredible opportunity to attend an amazing hockey camp this summer in Edmonton, and guess what was on the schedule every second day? Yoga! Suddenly he found there might be a little bit more to mommy's passion than just keeping her 'sane'! He learned that Yoga is an integral part of training amongst competitive teams in the West, and players are encouraged to practice yoga to improve their balance, body awareness, flexibility and focus. There is no question Yoga has benefited athletes in all sports. Check out our NEW series geared towards young athletes starting September 9th at 7pm for a 45min practice!


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What Client's Say

Dr Nicole Basque ND, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

I have been practicing different forms of yoga for over 10 years and am truly inspired by the magnitude of how it has transformed my life. My hot yoga practice keeps me physically and mentally fit, spiritually grounded and has taught me more about myself than any other form of physical activity. I am now a practicing Naturopathic Doctor and understand the health benefits of hot yoga, and recommend it highly to my patients. What PuraVida offers is more than just a space to get fit, it is a welcoming community of people who care about your well-being and guide you towards deepening your practice, on and off the mat. Moncton is lucky to have such a great place!

 Dr Nicole Basque ND

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor